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Rogue Perfumery Vetifleur Review (Manuel Cross) 2021 + Scintillating Verdant Floral Draw

10 Aug 2021 0 Comments
Rogue Perfumery VetiverFleur review

Rogue Perfumery Vetifleur flacon courtesy of Manuel Cross© with digital effects by Michelyn©

Verdi prati, selve amene,
perderete la beltà.
Vaghi fior, correnti rivi,
la vaghezza, la bellezza,
presto in voi si cangerà. ~
 G.F.Handel’s opera Alcina
“Verdant meadows, pleasant forests, you will lose your beauty. Dreamy blossoms, flowing streams, your charm, your beauty will soon fade (my translation).”

We are ever haunted by the transient natural beauty which surrounds us, although we may take it as our rightful due. In perfumery, as in life – we do well to stop in our tracks to savor and acknowledge such gifts. Rogue Perfumery Vetifleur is one such olfactory illustration.


Manuel Cross of Rogue Perfumery

Manuel Cross of Rogue Perfumery courtesy of Rogue Perfumery©

So many talented perfumers are drawn to their calling via myriad means: some began as dancers, painters, musicians, art historians, designers – even farmers! Artisanal perfumer Manuel Cross of Rogue Perfumery commenced as a chef by trade – his chosen path since 1993 (this particular association is well known to me; I too find the link between gustation and olfaction to be intimate and compelling). His choice of moniker is brilliant: Rogue Perfumery is evocative, naughty and truthful – in that Mr. Cross wearied of the IFRA and EU restrictions which contributed to the attenuation/distortion of venerated classical perfumery. His personal response was to push back, utilizing the highest quality materials he could obtain while composing nouveau-vintage style fragrances which span every genre. I initially encountered the perfumer’s work on Etsy in 2017 (Chypre Siam and Tabac Vert) and purchased several fragrances as a direct result of sampling. When asked what I might like to try, his new Rogue Perfumery Vetifleur appealed based upon its description, and Mr. Cross promptly sent me an inclusive rollerball sample set. I was grateful and extremely pleased.

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