“The type of person who wears Rogue Perfumery is daring and not content to smell like everyone else”

“My fragrances are often a nod to the past with unexpected contemporary twists that showcase artisanal fragrances that aren’t mass produced or created by large companies. No big marketing campaigns, it’s all about perfume as art.”

Manuel Cross, founder and nose of Rogue Perfumery never planned to be a perfumer. He worked as a chef for 25 years with such notable icons as Wolfgang Puck, Neal Fraser, Lee Hefter and Matt Bencivenga. Manuel believes there’s a strong correlation between food and fragrance.

  Manuel Cross began his path to perfumery in 2005, when one of his favorite colognes was discontinued. His interest was piqued and at that moment a “hobby” evolved into a notable career. Today, Manuel is recognized for his unique "rogue" signature.

As a self-taught perfumer Manuel Cross isn't following in anyone’s footsteps; his nose is his guide. He is reinventing artisan perfumery for fragrance lovers. Manuel creates from the base accords up, using the finest materials for the Rogue Perfumery collection while keeping them at affordable prices.