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Best Fragrances of 2021 (Ermano and Michelyn) + A Very Good Year Draw

27 Dec 2021 0 Comments

Best of 2021 Cafleurebon


Best 2021 Artisan/independent house: Parfum d’Empire and Rogue Perfumery

Marc-Antoine Corticchiato amazing Mal Aimé wins for its original concept and unusual materials. This definitely makes Parfum d’Empire my best independent house for 2021.-Ermano Picco

Starting his career as a chef, Manuel Cross of Rogue has quickly established himself as a perfumer whose love for classic 60s and 70s fragrances color his work. This year, he composed Derviche 2 which was a brighter version of the original and Vetifleur, a  lush floral ode to classic chypres that is sparklingly, elegant, timeless and stunning.- Michelyn Camen


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