Fragrances for vintage enthusiasts

The rich, bold and mossy fragrances we remember are still alive. 

Mass market preferences have changed and EU regulations have resulted in sad reformulations of our beloved classics. Why can’t we just enjoy the vintage styles we have grown to love? 

Rogue Perfumery was founded in 2017 to address this very issue. EU regulations do not apply to us here in the US and we have no interest in today’s mass market appeal; saccharin-sweet candy floss fragrances are definitely not our cup of tea. 

Check out our masculine offerings and take a trip back in time. Our fragrances are not dupes or “our versions of…”, just individual fragrances with a rich character and a vintage aesthetic overlay. 
They’re not obnoxious or “beastmode” just bold, rich, mossy and masculine like they used to be. 

Select the SHOP button in the menu above and discover our collection. We recommend Mousse Illuminee, Targhee Forest and Bon Monsieur