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Out With the Old,
In With The New

It’s January, it’s a cold morning. I happened to wake up extra early. June and the baby are still asleep. This is one of those rare moments of hot coffee and peace LOL. I’m wrapped in a blanket and the cat is laid across my lap.
2019 was a rollercoaster year. Having left my chef position things have been a bit easier to manage since I no longer have to dedicate 12 hours a day elsewhere. We are however a three person operation; myself formulating, blending and production. My wife June takes a big lead with production, plus managing and processing orders. Isabelle is our photographer and she has also since taken control of our Instagram, which is a tremendous relief.

There was so much I was hoping to do but time got the better of me. Here’s a few updates:

I’ve discontinued 40 Rogue to make way for another resurrection coming later this year. It is still available through our retailers while their stock lasts.

I’ve pulled back on Flora & Fauna. I absolutely hated the labels. I had a small batch of leather labels made but in the end I decided to completely redesign the label to better compliment the beauty of the fragrance.

Chypre-Siam Extrait is only available by request. I’ve just not had a chance to put it in full production.

Frags coming out the first half of this year:

Jasmin Antique – a jasmine grandiflorum soliflore. It is lovely! I wanted to convey the effect of the blossoms permeating the air.

Ishtar – UPDATE: Despite my efforts Ishtar still turned out to be an incense fragrance LOL! The smokey frankincense and benzoin really rose to the top! The final notes list for Ishtar: benzoin, frankincense, juniper, myrrh, lily, sandalwood and musk

and maybe Tuberose & Moss– a tuberosecentric chypre. This one pushes all my buttons because I absolutely love tuberose and I love chypres!

Our News And Events

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Chypre-Siam Is Here To Stay! Plus a 40 Love Update

Chypre-Siam Is Here To Stay! Plus a 40 Love Update

40 Love resurrectionSuccess! My heliotropin hangup has been sorted! Chypre-Siam shall now remain in constant production. The last batch sold out almost instantly before the lull. April was a long and frustrating month, trying to go through hoops and bounds, sourcing...

Some All Natural Offerings and Other Goodies

Some All Natural Offerings and Other Goodies

Many Projects are Underway!It has been a good few months since I’ve last written. So much has been happening; Rogue Perfumery is transforming from a side hobby to a full time operation. I resigned my chef position in June to be able to dedicate 100% to Rogue, and...

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