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Many Projects are Underway!

It has been a good few months since I’ve last written. So much has been happening; Rogue Perfumery is transforming from a side hobby to a full time operation. I resigned my chef position in June to be able to dedicate 100% to Rogue, and there is so much to do!

Many projects are underway. A few we shall be seeing later this coming autumn will be the release of two all-natural fragrances in 30ml sizes, names are still pending. One is a chypre the other a vintage-classic style fougere fragrance. These are composed 100% of natural essential oils, absolutes and extracts and dissolved into alcohol at parfum strength. The compositions are rather costly to formulate but it is delightful to see the results that can be obtained directly from mother nature.

These formulas took a lot of time to compose as I grasped onto the giant learning curve. To be honest, natural perfumery was an idea I initially scoffed at. I saw it purely as a limitation; a set of crippling parallels, like taking a set of colors away from a painter’s palette. Perhaps it was my rebellious nature, like in my chef days, the way we’d roll our eyes as a vegan request made its way into the kitchen. The creations from Hiram Green, Ayala Moriel, Russian Adam and Ensar should be plenty enough proof to change anybody’s mind.

Also coming this fall will be Chypre-Siam in a concentrated parfum oil as well as a tuberose oil parfum. These will be offered in 3ml sizes, presented in a lovely cut crystal bottle.

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Chypre-Siam Is Here To Stay! Plus a 40 Love Update

Chypre-Siam Is Here To Stay! Plus a 40 Love Update

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Updated 2/24/2020

Updated 2/24/2020

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