Resurrecting the Past

Can this old gem be brought back to life? Back in December I was conversing via email with a fellow Basenoter who is very fond of vintage fragrances. It turns out that he possesses a rare bottle of Jean Desprez's 40 Love and this generous Basenoter even mailed me a decant! 40 Love, released in [...]

…aaand touchdown!

The new batches of Mouse Illuminee and Chypre-Siam are now being bottled and will be available for purchase. Late last autumn, when the original batches reached their halfway point, I immediately set out to begin formulating new ones. Then arrived the hurdles! I already had most of the aroma chemicals and organic materials on hand, [...]

New Batches Underway!

Chypre-Siam has been a steady seller this year and the supply is running low. I am presently finishing my amber bases and jasmine base to formulate a new batch. Chypre-Siam should be ready for bottling by early 2019. For my amber bases I procure my labdanum and other oils and resins from Eden Botanicals. The [...]

Champs Lunaires

Floral, creamy, woody, transparent An intangible summer night Moonlit fields of white flowers Notes: Pomelo, Tuberose, White Rose Petals, Sandalwood, Coconut Milk, Musk I love white florals. There's something about the way they take over the evening air. We live out the human struggle and their perfume quietly weaves its way into the backdrop of [...]

Newest release: Derviche

The original inspiration for Derviche was Emeraude de Coty, of which it smells nothing like! I wanted a rich old-school oriental amber fragrance with a bergamot opening but with the power of many of the fragrances coming from the Arabic perfume houses. I first developed a labdanum-rich amber base to build the fragrance around and [...]