2020 (updated 2/24/2020)

It’s January, it’s a cold morning. I happened to wake up extra early. June and the baby are still asleep. This is one of those rare moments of hot coffee and peace LOL. I’m wrapped in a blanket and the cat is laid across my lap.
2019 was a rollercoaster year. Having left my chef position things have been a bit easier to manage since I no longer have to dedicate 12 hours a day elsewhere. We are however a three person operation; myself formulating, blending and production. My wife June takes a big lead with production, plus managing and processing orders. Isabelle is our photographer and she has also since taken control of our Instagram, which is a tremendous relief.

There was so much I was hoping to do but time got the better of me. Here’s a few updates:

I’ve discontinued 40 Rogue to make way for another resurrection coming later this year. It is still available through our retailers while their stock lasts.

I’ve pulled back on Flora & Fauna. I absolutely hated the labels. I had a small batch of leather labels made but in the end I decided to completely redesign the label to better compliment the beauty of the fragrance.

Chypre-Siam Extrait is only available by request. I’ve just not had a chance to put it in full production.

Frags coming out the first half of this year:

Jasmin Antique – a jasmine grandiflorum soliflore. It is lovely! I wanted to convey the effect of the blossoms permeating the air.

Ishtar – UPDATE: Despite my efforts Ishtar still turned out to be an incense fragrance LOL! The smokey frankincense and benzoin really rose to the top! The final notes list for Ishtar: benzoin, frankincense, juniper, myrrh, lily, sandalwood and musk

and maybe Tuberose & Moss– a tuberosecentric chypre. This one pushes all my buttons because I absolutely love tuberose and I love chypres!

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