New Tuberose for a New Year


Last year I released Champs Lunaires around the first of August; coincidentally at the time my own tuberoses came into bloom in my garden. My newest tuberose fragrance, Flos Mortis, is already compounded and resting. I now plan to launch it at the blooming of my tuberoses once again. I guesstimate at the beginning of August, however I noticed last Friday that the tuberose shoots are already breaking through the soil. Maybe the launch will come a bit sooner!


My tuberose shoots – maybe an early bloom this year!

Flos Mortis (flower of death) seems a bit dark and droll for a perfume concept. The composition focuses on the indolic properties of both the fresh blossoms and the absolute. The indole note in Flos Mortis actually makes up 5% of the formula! I tame this out with some Indian jasmine (grandiflorum) which also shares indolic notes, red currant and osmanthus notes add some fruitiness and sparse beauty, and finally a raw black leather leather accord to absorb the rest of the animalic onslaught.
From its sweet, deathly floral opening to its leather mid-notes Flos Mortis is nowhere near conventional. It’s approachable and by no means is it unwearable. Flos Mortis is simply an artistic expression by one who is a lover of tuberoses and fascinated by dark Victorian-minded themes.

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  1. April 23, 2019 at 1:27 am

    I’ll be really looking forward to this one — it sounds like just my style!

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