Beware! These fragrances may actually contain real oakmoss, real bergamot and vintage-era amounts of geraniol, citronellol and eugenol.

Heavy regulations upon perfume ingredients are destroying many of the fragrances we have loved for years. The classic chypre genre, particularly, is endangered. Our treasured classics are being reformulated beyond recognition. These regulations are destroying art.

Rogue Perfumery
is a concept model for fragrance collectors. It puts the decision making into the hands of the consumer rather than insult their intelligence.

Please refer to the ingredients list as “potential allergens” will be listed. If you are a part of the small percentage of the the population that experiences perfume allergies then it is advisable to fragrance a handkerchief or other article of clothing rather than apply directly to the skin. The informed decision is yours, and back in your hands! Enjoy!

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